Tenn Zoning Bds: Practice and Procedure

George A. Dean

2nd Edition available now!

This book offers an overview of the process of appearing before a local zoning board in Tennessee. Written by an experienced attorney who practices in this area, it is aimed at lawyers, zoning and codes officials, and the general public.

From the back cover:

Tennessee Zoning Boards: Practice and Procedure is intended principally for two groups of readers. Codes officials in Tennessee who have the responsibility of staffing and assisting local zoning boards (as well as the members of the zoning boards themselves) should get a wealth of information from this book. It not only reviews basic day-to-day kinds of concerns important to Codes officials but will in addition explain how and why those usually mundane tasks are important in the overall legal framework in which the zoning board functions. In addition, this book should be extremely valuable to any attorney representing a client before any local zoning board in Tennessee. Most attorneys, unfortunately, do not have enough time to get to know the basic ideas behind the types of relief available from a local zoning board. The book not only addresses those major issues and basic legal principles, but also discusses the most important means of appeal from any decision of a local administrative body, including either a zoning board or planning commission, the common law writ of certiorari.

George Dean is an attorney practicing law in Nashville, Tennessee. His practice concentrates in the area of land use planning and zoning law. He graduated from the Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1979 and began practicing with Nashville's Metropolitan Government representing the Metro Board of Zoning Appeals, the Metro Planning Commission, the Metro Codes Administration, and the Metro Historical Zoning Commission. In private practice, Mr. Dean has been involved in a large number of land use planning cases, representing both governmental interests and private parties. Many of the cases in which he has been involved have been extremely significant in terms of the development of land use planning law in Tennessee.

Mr. Dean is the principal author of Legal Aspects of Codes Administration published by the International Code Council. He has also written the Legal Handbook for Tennessee Codes Officials published in March of 2009, and the Tennessee Zoning Board Handbook (Februay 2009) and will be working on another book, Tennessee Planning Commissions: General Plans, Zoning Ordinances, and Subdivisions .

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