Planning Sites on the Web

Metro Nashville Codes Administration
Williamson County Zoning Ordinance
Rutherford County Planning Department
Metro Nashville Zoning Ordinance (MetZo)
Knoxville Web Site
Knox County Planning
Memphis Planning Department
Cookeville Web Site with the Zoning Ordinance and General Plan.
UT Planning School

Santa Clara (Cal) General Plan
New Jersey Planning Officials Home Page
Planning Commissioners Journal: Citizen Planners Resource Center
California Land Use Planning Information Network
Oregon Land Use Information Network
NYC Zoning Handbook
Florida Planning and Zoning Association
NYC Zoning Text
Nebraska Planning and Zoning Association
Can I object to a zone change?
Citizens Against Repressive Zoning
Kent County, Md, Zoning Home Page
The Relationship of Zoning to Planning
Model Zoning Ordinances for Economic Growth (from NY)
Zoning Watch (in NC)
Florida Bar Land Use Section
American Planning Association
Internet Resources for City Planning Research
The New Planner at the University of Tennessee
The Virtual City
VCU's Urban Studies and Planning Page
UB School of Architecture and Planning
NJ Pinelands
New Hampshire Plan Net: A Set of Sample Code Sections
Planning References

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