The Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board is responsible ultimately for the interpretation and enforcement of the zoning ordinance. Mainly, it has three powers: to consider variances, to consider conditional use permits, (special exceptions) and to interpret the provisions of the zoning ordinance. This latter category usually involves considering whether an applicant has demonstrated a legitimate claim to a valid, pre-existing non-conforming use.

The Board is composed of seven members. They are unpaid, and volunteer their time. The Board meets twice a month usually, and hears anywhere from 10 to 20 cases at each meeting. Meetings begin at 1 PM, and continue until the Board finishes. I've seen them go to 5 PM, take a short break and then return to hear a controversial case (until midnight, on the occasion I'm thinking of).

The Board now has its own web page, featuring each of the members, the current agenda, the board rules and other information. This is the best place to keep up with board activities. Click on this sentence to go to the zoning board web site.

The staff at the Codes Administration is also very important.

Sonny West
Rick Shepherd
Linda Borum

You can reach them at 862-6530. Linda will help anyone who calls.

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